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We, the best business platform for the Korean wines & Spirits industry, propose a new mainstream trend of
wines & spirits and provide a direct promotion opportunities for Korean market.

  Major Key points

- The one and only largest professional wine & spirits exhibition in Korea
- The optimal exhibiting platform for wine & spirits sales promotion and business expansion
- More than 25,000 consumers and enthusiasts who visits expo annually
- Special events such as seminars and classes specialized for wine & spirits industry


  • 1. The one and only wine & spirits exhibition in Korea
    The Seoul International Wine & Spirits Expo has been the only wine & spirits exhibition in Korea for the past 16 years, attracting more than 25,000 buyers and visitors annually, and providing the best wines & spirits business platform
  • 2. Optimized exhibition platform for product promotion, sales and business expansion
    As the only mainstream exhibition platform in Korean wine & spirits market, SIWS Expo provides opportunities to expand sales and direct promotion to actual consumers who purchases the products.
  • 3. Set to deliver the most informative, innovative events and seminar
    Opportunity to understand industry trends through systematic events and seminars and to open up new marketing channels through efficient business meetings.